Hi. I'm Lourdes Kao.

As a young girl, I always wanted to be a ballerina. I dreamt of the fame on stage, basking in the accolades, traveling the world. But that wasn't meant to be. I was told there was no money in the arts.

So, like most of us, I worked my way, pursued a career, made my mark in the corporate world. That was my 9 to 5 life. But most of the time, it wasn't just 9 to 5. Being competitive, I had to be top of my game, which meant long hours, grueling hours spent away from my family. I worked for my vacations where I can relax and see the world. I looked forward to the day I can finally retire.

I tried my hand at business, jewelry, electronics, built my online store, became an Amazon seller. But I was nowhere close to my goal. Now, I had to juggle between my hectic work life and business if I wanted that extra income. So, no, those did not work.

Then, I saw this ad about an online business that would afford me the luxury of working anywhere, generate income while I travel. I was skeptical, having tried several of those. But I thought, what is one more? This is one decision I am thankful I made.

Looking back at my dreams, I may never be a ballerina, but now, I can travel freely and a step closer to early retirement. If I can do it, you too can!
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Lourdes Kao